How to Ensure Your New Home Is Fully Protected?


Shifting houses is a big milestone so congratulations, first and foremost! You might think that since you’re moving in to a brand-new home, it must be well protected, right? You can skip straight to the decorating and unpacking and maybe just install a new lock once you’re done? Well, that’s a big mistake! New homes are some of the most vulnerable on the market so you need to make sure that your first step is to properly secure it (perhaps even before you move in!). Here’s what you need to do:

The Doors

And of course, it all has to begin with the doors. A remarkable portion of burglars find it easy to just stroll into a house because of weak doors so you’ll have to make sure yours has a strong frame and hinges that are well-protected. Don’t forget to change out your knobs for some quality door Knobs online as well and at least one additional lock. If you want to maximize security at the door, you can add a video doorbell. Don’t forget that the mail slot shouldn’t be too big because someone might even be able to slip their hand through and open the door!

The Windows

Next up, is the windows. First of all, you should always have blinds or curtains that shields most of your house from the outside. Not everyone has to see every single possession you have on display- it might be too tempting. Next work on ensuring that all of them have fully functional latches and invest in a window security film. This helps keeps the glass together, even if someone tries to shatter it.

The Garage

This is one of the most overlooked vulnerable places in the house. There’s always bound to be expensive items stored away in your garage so keep in mind that this is a treasure trove for burglars. Maximize your security by investing in a smart garage door opener or by even having additional locks. Also make it a point to have blinds for these windows as well because you don’t want anyone peeking in to see what exactly you have in there.


By lighting up the landscape outside during the night with motion-activated lights or solar-powered lights, you’ll severely demotivate any burglars from even attempting your house. They like to work in the dark so keeping a spotlight on them is a great way of keeping them at bay and also makes them more easily identifiable if you see someone loitering on your lawn.

The Wi-Fi

In today’s day and age, everything is online. All our personal details are floating around just waiting to be snatched up provided we don’t take the right security measures to guard them. Secure your personal Wi-Fi network by WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2 encryption. You should also have an antivirus program installed on your computer just to be safe and don’t underestimate the power of a strong password!

You’ll find that any home is vulnerable to a break-in but the risk is more so in houses that haven’t been properly vetted with security measures. So, take the right steps and make sure you’re fully protected and start your new life the right way!

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