5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Feng Shui into Your Home


Feng Shui is the art of having your living space reflect upon your own personal well-being to create a sense of harmony and peace. For those of you who are non-believers in the concept, think of it this way- there are many subconscious things that tend to affect our mood. It could be the oversized furniture creating a stuffy effect in the room or terrible lighting that’s always giving you a headache when you try to do work. A Feng Shui home ensures that none of this negativity is present, leaving you with a healthy mindset. Here are simple ways you can incorporate this concept into your home:

Zero Clutter

There’s a belief in Feng Shui that a cluttered house reflects upon a cluttered mind. If your home is cluttered, it sucks out all the positive energy and life out of the space. Even if your clutter is hidden behind cabinets and closets, this doesn’t mean the issue is solved. We can push an issue out of our thoughts, but it still remains lurking in our subconscious until we are ready to solve it. Likewise, you need to address the clutter in your home and sort it out. Donate what you do not need and keep the rest.


Sunlight renders everything in the room more vibrant and fills up the space with life. It is a source of positive energy that gives us motivation to go about and do our own thing. Having a dark and dreary home is a big no-no. So you need to make sure that your windows are cleaned regularly and make use of vertical blinds so that you can still maintain your privacy while not blocking out all the sunlight as a curtain would.


In this concept, plants are the very embodiment of life and they act as a source of positive energy so if you want to feng shui your home, you’re going to have to take in a few green plants. When deciding on your plants, however, keep in mind that certain plants need more light to thrive whereas others can survive with less so make your choice based on your lighting conditions.

The Elements

Usually you’d need to be able to find a balance between the five elements- earth, wood, fire, water and metal- and therefore you’d have to represent them in your household. This does not have to be in a physical manner. For example, you can represent fire through a thematic colour scheme of your room, using only warm hues. The whole point is to use the symbolic elements in your home to strike a balance because if you do not, this is said to represent an emotional imbalance in your life.


Any ornaments you decide to accessorize your room with should act as ‘energy anchors’. In other words, these accessories should be meaningful to you and must stir up some sort of positive emotion or accomplishment to be able to add to that whole positive energy vibe you’re trying to build.

These are the most simplest of ways to get started on your venture into Feng Shui. There are many people before you who have given this a shot and simply transformed their lives- will you be next?

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